Delivery FAQ

My order is taking longer to arrive than I thought it would. Can you tell me when it will be delivered? 

Transit times are estimates only and not guaranteed. The majority of shipments arrive within the estimated timeframe, but a small percentage experience long delays—especially during the holiday shipping rush. Some international packages have taken over 2 months to arrive. Once a shipment has left our possession and is in the hands of the delivery service, we have no control over it or access to information other than the tracking number. If there was something that could be done to speed your delivery along, we would most definitely do it! We understand the frustration of waiting longer than anticipated and thank you for your patience. 

I think my order has been lost in transit. Can you help?

If you have not received delivery after 21 days for orders within the US or 90 days for international shipments, please reach out. Transit times are estimates only and not guaranteed. While some packages have been delayed, as of today's date, no Amar&Riley package has ever been lost in transit.

My order shows it was shipped but the tracking information isn't providing updates or has stopped updating. Can you provide more information about my delivery? 

There is no information beyond the tracking number that we can provide to you. Couriers and postal systems currently have a high-volume of mail to process and delays are common—especially with international shipments. While many parcels have been delayed beyond what might seem normal, all have eventually been delivered. All transit times are estimates only and not guaranteed.

The tracking information says my order was delivered but no delivery was made. Can you tell me where my package is?

The first thing to do is verify the shipping address provided with your order is 100% complete and correct. If correct, very occasionally the tracking info will indicate a package was delivered but it won't actually show up for another day or two. It may have been misdelivered to another address or another unit in the building. If that was the case, the majority of the time the recipient will return the package to the postal carrier and the correct delivery will be made shortly. In any case, we suggest you leave a note for the mail carrier asking if they can provide more information. If you have spoken with your mail carrier and local postal branch and the package still has not arrived within 5 business days, please reach out to us.